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Alwan & Sons Meat Company is Central Illinois’ premier grocery store with quality meat products and meat processing.

You're Going to Love it All

Alwan & Sons serves up the freshest meat products in Peoria, IL

Meat Products

When you think steaks, burgers, chops, ribs, and chicken, you think Alwan and Sons Meat Bundles.

Alwan & Sons Meat Products & Service

When you visit Alwan and Sons Meat Company, you’ll enjoy a shopping experience that takes you back to a time when food wasn’t over-processed, when any staff member behind the counter could give you good advice about the food you’re buying, and how to cut the meat you’re purchasing.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable family-owned grocer with a reasonably famous meat shop and a full-service deli, we invite you to visit Alwan and Sons Meat Company. Your taste buds will thank you.

Full-Service Grocery Store

We are a full-service grocer and offer premium meats that can be custom cut. At our deli, you can enjoy a made-from-scratch lunch special, a delicious home-made soup, or one of our famous Ruben sandwiches.

Quality Meat Products

Providing traditional, high-quality food in exceptional service to customers is something that everyone at Alwan’s is conscious of, and it shows in the way they run their business. 

That old-fashioned sense of customer service is very important to us. The Alwan’s time honored reputation for great customer service is something customers can feel on their very first visit and during every visit after that.

Deli, Catering, Meat & More

Whether you consider yourself a professional gourmet chef or a novice cook, or whether you’re looking for meats, wine, spirits, fresh produce, specialty deli items for lunch or dinner, or freezer selections, we welcome your visit and look forward to serving you for generations to come.  


Your Meaty Feedback

Lunch Grill


Lunch Grill Now OPEN

Stop by for one of our fresh off the grill sandwiches like the juicy ribeye steak or hot polish sausage.

grill menu

Ribeye Steak Sandwich


Butterfly Porkchop Sandwich


7oz Hamburger (with/without cheese)


Chicken Breast Sandwich


Pulled Pork Sandwich




Hot Polish Sausage


Jumbo Hot Dog


Other Favorites



Fresh Salad


Fruit & Salad Cups


Bottled Water




Lemonade Shake-up


Better Than a Lunch Restaurant

Have lunch the Alwan and Sons MEAT way. With the variety of affordable fresh meat and other favorites, your sure to be happy and satisfied.

Your Stomach Called

And, it wants the flavor and quality found at Peoria’s premier butcher shop – Alwan and Sons lunch grill. Call ahead and we’ll have it ready to go when you get here.

All You Get is MEAT!

At Alwan and Sons, when you come to get meat, it’s just that – MEAT. Whether it’s beef, pork, or chicken, we have all-natural products that are additive free.

more than a butcher shop

Full Service Grocery Store


With an 88 foot meat counter full of fresh cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and more, you’ll have an army of employees ready to handle your customer service needs. We go the extra mile with custom trimming and presentation so your meal is perfect.


Our deli slices everything in front of you to your specifications; nothing is pre-packed or pre-cut. Everything is sold by the pound at reasonable prices. From Green Ridge to Midwestern Wisconsin style cheeses – we carry it.


The produce section holds a good selection of staples for what compliments your meat selection. We carry all of the traditional product items from onions and potatoes to whole heads of lettuce, peppers, and some fruits.


Grocery compliments your main dish. The collection is extensive with marinades, seasonings, and rubs. We focus on unique, local, and hard-to-find specialty products – including seasonings made by Excalibur Seasoning in Pekin, IL.


The freezer section has one of the best bangs for the buck. We sell bulk frozen foods from 6-pound bag french fries (shoes strings, crinkle cut, wedges, and spicy) to philly cheese-steak and gyro kits. Additionally, we carry a limited selection of frozen seafood.


We carry multiple wines from reds and whites. With an excellent selection for every pallet such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, and Pinot Noir, all wines are distributed locally in Peoria, IL.